Best-Wade Petroleum understands the needs of its customers and knows that controlling fuel costs, fuel deliveries and fuel inventories are vitally important. This is why Best-Wade’s sales team provides a full range of fuel distribution options and services for wholesale, commercial and industrial businesses.


Regular Unleaded Non Ethanol
E-10 Ethanol Blended Unleaded Gasoline

Diesel Fuels

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Dyed
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Clear
Diesel Exhaust Fluid
K-1 Kerosene

Diesel Fuel Supplement

Available in Package Goods, Drums, Totes
Diesel Kleen
Diesel 911
Diesel Biocid

Best-Wade Fuel Services

Dedicated Delivery Assets
24/7 Delivery Service
Transport Deliveries for 4,500 to 9,000 Gallons
Tankwagon Deliveries for Smaller Drops
On and Off Road Diesel Fuel and Gasoline Delivery
Terminal Relationships Throughout the Mid South
Storage and Dispensing Equipment (installation and service)
Coast Guard Approved Wet Hosing
Fuel Filtering Service


Wherever you are in the Mid-South, we have you covered.

In 1965, Best-Wade Petroleum, Inc. was initially established as a fuel supplier. We are now the largest Authorized Mobil™ Distributor in the Mid-South. We have grown over the past 55 years because of our excellence in customer service. We have created programs that are designed with our clients in mind, made to exceed their expectations.

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